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Our Story


About Us

Angela Pepe Remsen and Anthony Pepe are a thisclose sibling team raised in Lindenhurst, NY. Having grown up eating delicious Italian treats prepared by their mother, grandparents and aunts they quickly realized that they loved to eat!


Baking and cooking became a favorite past time and they show their love by feeding others. With each holiday Angela and Anthony collaborate together on menus and expand upon old family recipes of treasured favorites to keep the tradition alive for their guests.


When they aren’t baking and cooking, Angela is a financial administrator who enjoys reading cookbooks, traveling and volunteerism. Anthony is a sales management executive who loves to fish, travel and serve his community. Both Angela and Anthony continue to live in Lindenhurst with their families.

Our Vision

To us there is no greater joy than baking and cooking for our family. Alongside each other, using old treasured recipes, we continue to be inspired by our present and past generations. In our kitchen, we value tradition above all and know family is truly everything.

Our deep Italian roots marry with modern trends and techniques as we discover new variations for old favorites. With everything uniquely crafted by hand using the highest quality ingredients we proudly announce our new business,

A Mano Baking Company, LLC. 

A Mano – or “by hand” – defines our concept. Where old is new yet again and love is always full circle.  We passionately believe in striving for excellence while producing the finest locally made items from our family to yours.

Please join us in celebrating our exciting new venture where everyone is family.  We look forward to preparing our special recipes and sharing their stories with you.  This dream is present in our hearts and souls and we are honored to invite you to our family table. Thank you for being a supportive part of our lives!


Angela Pepe Remsen and Anthony Pepe


We would like to express our thanks to June and Salvatore Pepe, aka, The Parentals. From birth they have provided us with everything we have ever needed and then some. Their generosity has extended to our families as they became grandparents and they continue to play a treasured role in our daily lives. In both good and bad times, they have demonstrated tremendous strength and unwavering support. We would not be the people, or parents we are today without their fine example. It is our highest honor to be able to dedicate this venture to them.

To Mommy and Daddy,

With all our love and gratitude,

Angela and Anthony